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Rust Protection Product

Rust Protection Product

Quickly displaces moisture from the pores of the metal and forms a transparent protective coating. This is the best way to protect any metal of your weapon from corrosion. 


Recommended for use in humid and salty air. Prevents rust appearance, neutralizes the effect of acids. Lubricates metal parts. It is an excellent penetrant for loosening rusty or frozen parts of weapons.

 Prevents metal oxidation in places of fingerprints on all types of weapons.



 - protects against rust and corrosion;

 - removes moisture;

 - penetrates the pores of the metal and lubricates the weapon;


 1. Prepare the surface by removing dirt and old grease. For best results use Recoil Cleaner Degreaser.

 2. Apply the product to the surface holding the bottle at a distance of 15-20 cm.

 3. For long-term weapon storage apply a second coat of grease after 10 minutes.


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